Music – it’s almost as old as mankind itself. At Concom, we are obsessed with everything about music because it lets us improve the moods of shoppers across South Africa every day. How is that possible? There are a few very scientific reasons for that, let’s take a closer look.

Leveraging the Magic of Music

Despite the sales enablement power that music has on customers, so many retailers fail to realise the potential that well-chosen music has on their bottom line and continue to drive customers away. Understanding the psychological effect on your shoppers is the first step toward realising how to unlock your outlet’s full sales potential. 

The Psychological Effect of Music on Shoppers

According to Spectrio, a 1982 study on the impact of music on shoppers’ behaviours (by Donovan & Rossiter who coined the term pleasure-arousal-dominance) found that the ambience in a given store has a direct impact on its customers’ emotional states. It found that when the volume, tempo, pitch, and texture of songs were adjusted, the effect on the shoppers’ behaviour was noticeably different.

Specifically, successful retailers played music that appealed to the pleasure centres of their customers’ brains, those areas that regulate dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, as well as the arousal centre that produces and regulates the stress-management hormones cortisol and adrenaline. This is because when these hormones are stimulated, shopping behaviour changes and buying signals increase significantly.

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Music Distorts the Perception of Time

When shoppers are able to listen to tunes that they enjoy and recognise, studies show that they are far more likely to report having a positive experience when in your store. This is especially useful if your store is very busy, the queues are long, or extra assistance is needed that takes slightly longer than usual. Normally, this has the potential to infuriate a customer, but with mood-lifting music for them to enjoy while they wait, their sense of time is skewed, making the wait seem less imposing while soothing tracks take the edge off with ease.

What Your Playlist Says About Your Brand

The style and genres of music you opt to blast in your store have a big impact on your customers’ perception. For example, classical music can give a sense of glamour and luxury that boost sales on more expensive, big-ticket items as it creates a feeling of luxuriousness that customers learn to associate with your establishment. The most important thing to remember about choosing the best playlist for your store is to cater your playlist to the preferences of your primary target demographic. It should go without saying that customers who keep hearing music that they like tend to stick around longer and spend more.

The Effects of Tempo, Pace & Volume on Shopper Behaviour

Your store’s background music also needs to have the right rhythm, tempo and decibel range in order to sway your shoppers’ behaviour in the right direction. Scientific studies have shown that down-tempo, subtle melodies encourage customers to linger longer, give more thought to what they want to buy and spend more money while they soak up the mellow ambience. Bear in mind that volume that is too loud can have a stressful and intrusive effect on shoppers, as they need space between the music and their thoughts in order to make buying decisions.

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