In-Store Radio is a powerful way of talking directly to your customers.  It is heard throughout your store and increases spontaneous buying at point of purchase.  Sound commands an atmosphere or experience whilst shopping. The right sound in your store improves the shopping experience, which helps increase customer traffic, sales and improves your bottom line.  Sound has the power to penetrate barriers, inspire thought, create action and bring about impulse buying.

Through a combination of carefully selected music, high quality promotional and brand messages, your In-Store Radio will increase sales and build brand awareness, the kind of awareness that enforces customer loyalty and brings them back time and time again.

Shoppers enjoy the music and content that is relevant to their shopping experience, no competitor advertising and only information relevant to your store.

This cost effective solution allows small or large retail stores to have their own personal radio station.  Your own music, messages and promotions that is relevant to your location and demographics.

Why use In store radio?

  • This is where all your products are sold.

  • This is where your clients are making purchasing decisions.

  • This is where your marketing has no competition.

  • A personalised In store radio station is proven to increase sales.

  • It allows you to influence your customers at point of purchase.

  • Creates a more pleasant shopping environment.

  • You have to pay your broadcast fees SAMRO/SAMPRA, why do this and allow competition to advertise in your store. Why you paying for them to openly broadcast in your store?

Why choose ConCom radio?

  • ConCom is a registered radio station approved by all governing bodies, with all relevant licenses to make sure your store is legal.

  • With 18 years of experience providing in store audio content, we have listened to shoppers and store owners. We know what is required and deliver.

  • Successfully and easily deliver to over 3500 major retail stores in Africa.

  • ConCom’s radio platform is automated; there is nothing you need to do.

  • Outstanding service and reporting.

  • Recommended by all our customers and brands.

  • No lengthy contracts, you pay we deliver.

  • Nominated for product of the year in 2004.